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Careyes’s newest yoga facility sits in the midst of Casa Infinito’s sprawling gardens. This one-of-a-kind pavilion is surrounded by a peaceful infinity moat and manicured gardens. It is the perfect spot for a private lesson or a luxurious yoga retreat. The studio is fully equipped with mats, blocks, bathroom, and a sound system. The studio is fully screened which allows you to practice while enjoying views of the mountains without mosquitos and bugs. For the extremely hot months, we have air conditioning and fans available. If you’d like to host your retreat at Infinito Yoga, our on-site manager will ensure your guests have a flawless experience with healthy food, juice, ocean activities, massages or any special requests.

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About 3 Casas

Unique creative spaces each with their own personality, the properties of 3 Casas are unified by their ability to make anyone who enters feels like they’ve stepped into another world. The 3 Casas team take pride treating our guests as family and they make our houses feel like home.

3 Casas is dedicated to providing the ultimate in luxury and comfort in three completely unique properties. From the expansive yet homelike charm of the 5 acre Infinito Estate, to the dramatically modern cliff side drama of Casa Ensueño, or the elegant, comfortable and perfect location of Casa Parasol, all the homes are staffed with butlers, top quality chefs, and ready to provide your ultimate first class experience in Careyes, the perfect vacation that you will want to repeat year after year.